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General English

Our General English courses are tailor-made to suit your needs in English be they professional, educational, or social. A general English course may integrate the four Language Skills (Speaking, Writing, Listening and Reading) as required by the student and will include input on the four Language Systems (Vocabulary, Grammar, Pronunciation, and Use of English). Often our General English students wish to focus on their speaking. In this case we put emphasis on communication and interaction. The teacher will then use your spoken production to introduce language points in context. It is also possible to place more emphasis on the other Language Skills such as Listening, Reading, and Writing as appropriate.

  • focus on improving the fluency, accuracy, and lexical range of your spoken English
  • learn through personalised correction and input from your teacher
  • receive a record of the grammar, lexis, and pronunciation points addressed in each class
  • receive homework and revision exercises to reinforce learning
  • choose topics of interest to you as the basis for speaking activities, as well as specific areas of the English language you would like to focus on

Business English

Build your English course around your working needs and objectives. Our Business English courses are tailor-made to fit with your professional goals. Focus on improving your productive (speaking, writing) and receptive (listening, reading) skills at work by studying the functional language of business contexts.

  • focus on spoken Business English language functions such as job interview preparation, participating in meetings, and giving presentations
  • focus on written Business English language functions such as applying for jobs and writing emails, reports, minutes, and other documents
  • understand and study the language of business reports, graphs and figures, and other specialised literature
  • learn through personalised correction and input from your teacher
  • receive a record of the grammar, lexis, and pronunciation points addressed in each class
  • receive homework and revision exercises to reinforce learning

English Pronunciation

English phonology has a challengingly high degree of irregularity. If your aim is to improve your pronunciation, whether to be more clearly understood or to polish your accent, our English Pronunciation course will guide you through and give you ample practice of the phonological features of English.

  • learn the English Phonetic Alphabet, focusing on the mechanics of problematic sounds
  • learn about stress patterns in English at word and sentence level
  • learn about features of connected speech in English (linking, elision, and assimilation)
  • learn about the prevalence of weakly articulated syllables and words in the language
  • learn about intonation and its role in delivering shades of meaning
  • learn about accents and variations in British, American, and New Zealand English

IELTS Preparation

Our IELTS preparation courses are highly personalised. Specify the skills and/or papers (Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking) that you wish to focus on, or take a General IELTS Preparation Course focusing on all the exam skills and papers. The course will be adapted to the band score you are aiming for.

Lesson time is spent on both task familiarisation and language mechanics. After taking an IELTS preparation course with us, you will have a comprehensive understanding of what to expect in each part of the test and will have thoroughly practiced the different papers. Additionally, you will have studied and practiced the specific English grammatical, lexical, and phonological features that will help you achieve your goals in IELTS. You will also do the following:

  • work with a teacher who has guided many students to success in IELTS
  • work with official IELTS preparation materials and practice tests
  • work on test strategies
  • get personalised feedback and advice
  • receive course notes and homework for each class

Cambridge ESOL Exams Preparation: FCE (B2), CAE (C1), CPE (C2)

Achieve a lifetime English Language diploma (no expiry date) by preparing for the Cambridge ESOL exams for independent and proficient users of English. Our Cambridge ESOL Preparation courses will provide you with the linguistic tools and capabilities you need to succeed in these diplomas. Study advanced English while gaining an in-depth knowledge of the requirements of the exams

  • work with a highly experienced Cambridge ESOL prep teacher
  • work with official Cambridge ESOL preparation materials and practice tests
  • personalise your programme to focus on areas where you wish to improve
  • study English at a high and rewarding level
  • receive course notes and homework for each class

Academic and Professional Writing

Writing is one of the most challenging skills in which to achieve competence in a foreign language. Our writing courses aim to address this challenge by focusing on the grammar and mechanics of writing in English in the context of your academic and/or professional needs.

  • study English sentence structure and build complex sentences
  • learn about clause types and their different variations
  • plan and structure longer pieces of writing such as emails, essays, position papers, and reports
  • improve your knowledge of relevant collocation and vocabulary for your writing tasks
  • study features of academic writing style
  • learn how to appropriately utilise the work of others (summarising, paraphrasing, referencing, etc.)
  • use punctuation with accuracy and skill

Writing for Native Speakers & Advanced Learners

Confident with your commas? Concise and clear in your message? Know your whose from who's, your principle from principal, your complement from compliment? We also tailor-make our academic and professional writing courses for native speakers, advanced learners, and teacher-trainees. The quality of your writing can have a huge influence on your recognition and influence in your career.

  • review the basics (parts of speech, agreement, punctuation, spelling, capitals, and more)
  • learn the features of clear & concise writing and techniques to put this into practice
  • learn how to skilfully summarise, paraphrase and synthesise documents
  • find your voice: learn about style in writing
  • work on documents relevant to your daily working life
  • work on proofreading and editing skills

Other needs-based courses

Should you require a course focusing on another area than those specified, this can be arranged. Please contact us and we will conduct a needs analysis to cater for your specific requirements.

Proofreading, correction, and editing

This is available on a wide range of documents. Please contact us for more information and a quote.


All prices in New Zealand dollars

From $55/hr

 Price for booking of 10 or more hours
 Pay-as-you-go rate: $59.50/hr

Rate is for one hour of teaching. Preparation, marking, and follow-up support are built into the teaching rate at no added cost.

Above pricing for online option. Please contact us for pricing for face-to-face courses, where relocation fee may apply.

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