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One-to-One Tuition
or a Language School?

Why Choose Private Tutoring over Language Schools

Private tutoring is becoming an increasingly popular option for many students who recognise its value for money in offering faster progression than traditional group language courses while providing a targeted and personalised approach.

Based on our appraisal of student performance, our students' success in external examinations, student satisfaction surveys; and from our extensive experience teaching both one-to-one and group courses, we are convinced one-to-one lessons are optimal to achieve language proficiency faster. Below are some of the advantages of one-to-one classes at NZ English Teacher.

  • tailor-made approach (learn what and how you want to)
  • personalised feedback and correction from your teacher
  • learning at your own pace
  • increasing your confidence
  • highly flexible courses
  • highly efficient lessons (learn more in less time)
  • value for money
  • a guarantee of excellence

While traditional language courses in language schools are great for socialising and practicing in a group environment, unfortunately the drawbacks can outweigh these benefits. Some of these drawbacks can include the following:

  • large class sizes = less attention from the teacher
  • distractions
  • classes can be fun but not serious
  • difficult to have a say on content
  • mixed level classes, a feeling of it being too easy or too difficult
  • no guarantee of an experienced teacher
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