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Students Feedback


Public Official, European Commission Business English

The teacher was very attentive to my request and able to tailor the course in order to achieve my objectives. Each lesson was very well prepared and structured. I was very happy with the classes and I have a very good opinion of the teacher, he was always willing to listen to my requests and a good motivator. Very professional and competent, I would definitely recommend him


Student IELTS Preparation

The course was dynamic and it gave me all the information I needed to fulfil the IELTS exam. The possibility to change the course appointment 1 day in advance was very helpful to coordinate the course with my other tasks. I really liked having class with Tom because it wasn’t boring, as usually english courses are, and he gave me a lot of tips and documents to study and pass my exam.


Economist, European Commission Academic & Professional Writing

The course programme covered all topics which are necessary for the student who wants to revise and improve the knowledge of written and spoken English. The course material was carefully selected for each class and diverse in order to make the learning process interesting and efficient. The course met all my expectations and the teacher is very professional and attentive to the needs of the student. He has a well-structured approach regarding the design of the course and separate classes. In addition, I appreciated the flexibility concerning class scheduling.


Journalist Business English

I liked the open atmosphere of discussion. Although we only had a short time to work together, the course helped me a lot to improve my professional use of English. The teacher was very professional and sympathetic person.


Engineer, Toyota Business English

I think Tom is the best English teacher that I have seen in my life! He has an extensive knowledge about the world culture and history, so it was always very interesting for me to hear his story. Besides, I could make my speaking skill better because he waited patiently and listen to me until I finished to say something in English even if it took some time because of the difficulty. I liked that we talked with each other about ourselves (job, hobby, food, travel, culture, etc.) every time at the beginning of the class, which made my speaking and communication skills much better because Tom gave me the feedback about my grammar, words, and vocabulary if needed.


Employee, Aviabel Business English

The course was perfect. It was very structured, well prepared, varied and pleasant. Tom is a great teacher. Thank you very much


Student Academic Writing

The course adapts to what the student needs. That refers to oral and writing and also texts comprehension or analysing for searching specific things. Tom catches all the mistakes instantaneity and corrects them. Tom is a very good teacher. He prepares every lesson for something specific if you ask to, if not he decides what is better for the student after some classes of adaptation.


Researcher/Student IELTS preparation

I liked the rigour and the quality of the lessons. Besides that, I really appreciated too the very relaxed and friendly atmosphere which was clearly a plus for me. I wouldn’t say there is much too change. I think students have to be aware that to progress they have to work also on their side at home and in between the classes. Personally I sometimes hadn’t time to do so, but I know it would have been a plus. The teacher is very skilled and makes you feel comfortable very quickly while giving you high quality materials to better your level efficiently. ..Thank you very much Tom !

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